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Topic subjectRE: Problem with AEM 12.5" rotor upgrade
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26910, RE: Problem with AEM 12.5" rotor upgrade
Posted by got_NX, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
Well RRE got back to me. Well the problem went back on AEM after AEM tried to push it on power slot. On my model rotor I had got the new slotted design. Now the older hats had a sloppy fit and cause uneven wear, so AEM changed the design. It is possible that some of you have cross drilled rotors with this problem with new hat design. The hat will have a small lip inside. This lip is to center the rotor to the hub. From what they tell me that the hubs on our cars vary from the factory and this was a problem for them. This problem went all the way to the president of AEM. Because of application and safety issues AEM is fully replacing my rotors and a friend of mine rotors and custom hats for our hubs. So if you have this problem please contact AEM now.
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