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Topic subjectBrand new clunking drums, woohoo!
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22471, Brand new clunking drums, woohoo!
Posted by BRU_ce, Dec-31-69 05:00 PM
My rear drums began squeaking last month, and I was sick of hearing them sing like an opera singer, so I decided to just get new shoes for it and re-surface the drums.

I install the new shoes and the resurfaced drums and decide to take it out for a test drive. Well, now they no longer squeel but they do something even worse... they make a CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK sound every time I apply the brakes.

The clunking sound depends on the speed of the vehicle and the amount of force applied to the brakes. If I am going fast and apply the brakes hard, you will get a loud and fast clunking. If I am going slow and apply the brakes soft, the clunk will be softer and slower.

in other words...

Going fast, braking hard: CLUNK*CLUNK*CLUNK*CLUNK*CLUNK

Going slow, braking soft: clunk****clunk****clunk****clunk...

and all variatons thereof.

I even took disassembled the drums again and looked at them ever so carefully and I could not find ANYTHING wrong.

WTF is going on!?
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