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Topic subjectRE: MS2 - Stalling After Start (No Idle)
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5782, RE: MS2 - Stalling After Start (No Idle)
Posted by RfOeCnKdOeNr, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
Originally posted by Tired2
How is your iac fix going? Get the chip replaced? I realized tonight that the idle steps settings did not match my system when using the symtech base msq... (probably because they use pwm valve)... anyway, it was actually opening more as it got warm. Luckily I had my video from testing it out and set the steps to go from like 160 to 250 or so instead of the other way around. Just keep an eye out for that... your best bet is to pull the TB off and run the test sequence and see the step count where it starts, then ends, etc.

Hey, I am expecting the ECU back from symtech this week. They appear to be having issues with USPS so I don't have a tracking number.

Thanks for the heads up on the IAC steps. I do plan on taking the TB off and testing it similar to your video. Hopefully I will have an update after the upcoming long weekend (I should get the ECU before then).

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