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Topic subjectRE: MS2 - Stalling After Start (No Idle)
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5768, RE: MS2 - Stalling After Start (No Idle)
Posted by Tired2, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
Originally posted by RfOeCnKdOeNr
Originally posted by Tired2 It sounds like you would be best off just finding the stock FILDE valve off another 420A. Not sure what your budget is like, but I'm sure it won't break the bank too badly. Mine had Stepper IAC, so I assumed they all did. That always confused me, turns out they just have one or the other. Maybe someone else can chime in?
Seems like it.... Also sounds like it can only be an open/close valve and not PWM or am I reading that wrong? Anyone else running with the FIDLE instead of IAC stepper??

The 'official' FIDLE pin on MS2 is PWM capable, so it will do either type.

I did not find this for the longest time, but when I finally did it was helpful: http://www.msextra.com/doc/ms2extra/MS2-Extra_Hardware.htm#ms2options
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