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Topic subjectRE: MS2 - Stalling After Start (No Idle)
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5703, RE: MS2 - Stalling After Start (No Idle)
Posted by RfOeCnKdOeNr, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
Originally posted by SilvrEclips
Just a few things I noticed quick when looking at the log, you need to calibrate you TPS. Also you are extremely lean which is probably why you are stalling out. Make sure your req fuel is set correctly and then if add some fuel to the map to try and keep the car running. Also check your WBo2 calibration to the gauge to make sure MS is reading the same number. Remember to check at a rich and lean point. Check around 11.0 and around 18.0

Thanks for looking at it! I won't be able to try some new things for at least a week (the car is at my parents house) but I will look into those.

The required fuel was calculated by TunerStudio. I used 2000cc, 83 lb/hr flow, and a 14.7 AFR. It calculated a required fuel of 3.8?? Is that not right? Is it safe to tweak that number or would you suggest I change the VE table below say 2,000 RPM to richen it a bit?

Also, I know I calibrated my TPS before logging this so perhaps what you are seeing is me throttling to try and keep it alive? Or are you saying that because the minimum is reading as 9%?

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