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Topic subjectRE: PWM 2 Stepper Feeler
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3849, RE: PWM 2 Stepper Feeler
Posted by Ready4Dis, Dec-31-69 05:00 PM
I didn't realize it was that easy. What about blocking off your old opening for the stepper? How much was the fast idle valve that you got. I am just trying to do some research to see if it will save anybody time or money. If not, I'll probably still do it since I wrote most of the code already, and it won't cost me to much to make a prototype board (probably about $5 since I have most of the components handy). Thanks for the info, so far it doesn't sound worth the effort to get circuit boards printed up, although for people like djtrickee, who are constantly adjusting their tb stop, a $15-$20 piece to control their stock idle motor might be a viable choice, although I have no clue how the wiring will be yet until I get it done, so it may take longer or be more difficult than just popping the fast idle valve in as you have done. I am still willing to find out though :).
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