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Topic subjectRE: PWM 2 Stepper Feeler
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3843, RE: PWM 2 Stepper Feeler
Posted by Ready4Dis, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
Well, it doesn't seem like to much interest, we will probably just set it manually for now, do a one off on a prototype board after it's all working, and keep the stock stepper, just to keep things simple. If anybody is interested later on, let me know, if there is enough interest, it wouldn't be hard to make more than 1 after the first is done, although I would prefer getting circuit boards printed for higher quality and using surface mounted chips to keep it small. I am thinking somewhere around $15 a piece would cover costs and keep it reasonable for people, that won't be much more than buying a fast idle valve, and save a bit of work trying to mount said fast idle.
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