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Topic subjectRE: PWM 2 Stepper Feeler
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3822, RE: PWM 2 Stepper Feeler
Posted by Ready4Dis, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
Thanks for the heads up/info, I will have to check it out, any clue how much we can expect, and if it's mounted external or internal to the megasquirt? I may just order the parts non surface mounted and make a prototype board for use in his car, won't cost to much that way, but not as compact in size. I will let everyone know how it goes if I decide to go through with it either way. So far I have it with 4 inputs, 4 outputs (+12v, gnd, PWM signal, Load), I don't see why I couldn't mount it inside the megasquirt case, from what I've been researching I am looking at about .5 amps of current draw, so hopefully it can just use the fused megasquirt 12v line without a problem. I realize a PWM Valve works fine, but it would be much simpler to just keep his stock stepper motor, although he is not against fitting a PWM valve at this point, just trying to see if it'd be worth the effort or if people would be interested in something like that.
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