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Topic subjectRE: Running MSnS v3 Board as FULL Standalone (No Spikes)!
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2550, RE: Running MSnS v3 Board as FULL Standalone (No Spikes)!
Posted by WickedESi, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
Ok, there is ONE more thing...

Apparently a voltage regulator is mandatory. In addition to the +12v needed to go to the alternator when you turn the car on. The ECU does not seem to trigger it's switch until the car is running (which it never sees as running with no crank input).

I drove around for near an hour until my deep cycle battery died. It was kinda funny too, I noticed my Zeitronix Wideband LCD start to fade out, and had been hearing this funny beeping from my power inverter for my laptop. I looked at the voltage in MegaTune and my car was running on 6-8 volts for a several seconds before it died.
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