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Topic subjectRE: smoking, missing, and back firing
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81780, RE: smoking, missing, and back firing
Posted by snufalufagus040, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
Same exact thing here. I just ordered the MSD coil pack and billy badass 8.5mm wires... I hope this works. Next, I'll have to check compression, ECU, maybe fuel pump...

EDIT: I'm not smoking much, but other than that my prob is very similar. So far, I've done plugs, valve cover gaskett, fuel filter, upstream O2 sensor, ran injector cleaner... nothing. I hope my wires are to blame, but I got the coil pack just for fun...

Custom CAI w/ extra large filter, Front strut tower brace, Rear sway bar, Brembo xDrilled & slotted rotors, Performance Friction pads, Greddy 4:1 header, Greddy SP cat back exhaust, Bridgestone Potenza RE950’s, VIS carbon fiber Hood & pins, Optima Red Top battery, Custom taillights and rear end mod
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