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Topic subjectRE: smoking, missing, and back firing
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75905, RE: smoking, missing, and back firing
Posted by Initial DSM, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
Originally posted by Corbin
I'd definitely replace the plugs, first thing. Even if they look ok, replace them. Once a plug fouls, it should go in the trash. I fouled two plugs and hence the engine was running on 2 cylinders. I was barfing grey smoke out the exhaust and "idling" at 400 RPM. Just replacing the plugs fixed 90% of the problem. Corbin '95 ESI-T HRC+FMIC+ETC... Gimme fuel...Gimme fire...Gimme that which I desire

I'm having similiar problems; but still at NA, what should I gap them to?
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