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4647, RE: 99 GS ATX 1/4 mile
Posted by megaskillz, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
Originally posted by red-cruzer99
Thanks for your reply. I took this piece of sh!t to the track and it ran a 19.3 1/4 mile. UDP, 2.5 exhaust, basic seals rebuild, Octane booster, open throttle, a little help?? No, NOTHING. Second time I ran a 19.8. On both runs I had a good r/t, had O/D off, left it in D. I stopped running it after 2 goes so I wouldn't dip into the 20s :( I am pretty sure I am not spending another dime on performance on this car, and if there are any auto 2gnt'ers reading this: AUTO 420As SUCK, SAVE YOUR MONEY/TIME! Engine bolt-ons / auto tranny mods = 17s or 18s 1/4 mile ??? Turbo = 15s or 16s 1/4 miles ??? I got this car when I was 16 and thought I was getting a Mitsubishi. I remember how robbed I felt when I realized I had a piece of sh!t Chrysler motor. I am just going to drive slow and keep her looking pretty and bumpin' Farewell 2gnt!!!

I find it strange that you are running 19's in a 1/4 mile. I also have an auto tranny and I ran a 17.9 flat. My only mods are cai, catback exhaust, iridium plugs, and msd ignition wires. I left it in overdrive and brake torqued off the line. I know how you feel about being slow, but dont give up. I also have decided to go forward with the manual tranny swap. I'm still gathering a few parts, but I read that its not that hard to do.
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