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4645, RE: 99 GS ATX 1/4 mile
Posted by xcasbonx, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
Originally posted by red-cruzer99
Thanks for your reply. I took this piece of sh!t to the track and it ran a 19.3 1/4 mile. UDP, 2.5 exhaust, basic seals rebuild, Octane booster, open throttle, a little help?? No, NOTHING. Second time I ran a 19.8. On both runs I had a good r/t, had O/D off, left it in D. I stopped running it after 2 goes so I wouldn't dip into the 20s :( I am pretty sure I am not spending another dime on performance on this car, and if there are any auto 2gnt'ers reading this: AUTO 420As SUCK, SAVE YOUR MONEY/TIME! Engine bolt-ons / auto tranny mods = 17s or 18s 1/4 mile ??? Turbo = 15s or 16s 1/4 miles ??? I got this car when I was 16 and thought I was getting a Mitsubishi. I remember how robbed I felt when I realized I had a piece of sh!t Chrysler motor. I am just going to drive slow and keep her looking pretty and bumpin' Farewell 2gnt!!!

Whoa whoa...don't give up hope yet. Your car has plenty of potential for whatever it is you want it to do. As I stated previously, and if you're serious about working on your car...look into a conversion to a manual transmission. There's plenty of info abroad on this site and we're here to help you along the way.

You put a MTX in that car and go to the track and as long as you can drive halfway decent...you'll be in the mid 16's.
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