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4641, RE: 99 GS ATX 1/4 mile
Posted by xcasbonx, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
Originally posted by red-cruzer99
Thanks for sharing your experience. I have also heard mixed reviews of some of the tranny mods. What did your car fun with the tranny work? Is the stratus final drive gear mod less invasive than the torque converter/shift kit?

I never did get a chance to take it to the track, even with all that work if I had to guess it would have still ran really high 16's at best.

There used to be a final drive gear writeup around here on the install process. Both mods are pretty thorough...but I'd have the say the final drive gears would be a bit easier compared to the shift kit. The shift kit requires you to pull out the valve body assembly and change out some seals and a few other things. There's a lot of parts you have to make sure go back where they belong. To get to the torque converter, you'd either have to pull the engine or the transmission to get to it.
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