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Topic subject99 GS ATX 1/4 mile
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4635, 99 GS ATX 1/4 mile
Posted by red-cruzer99, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
Hello 2gnt. After having my car smokey for several years I finally dropped some effort into performance in 2010, but I want a little more this year.

Basic bolt-on ATX 2.0's are notorious for running in the 17s, including mine. I just finished the engine rebuild, the car feels much peppier, but I feel how the auto tran holds back the potential of the rebuilt motor.

I now am considering doing modifications to the transmission. Have read up on the pros/cons about the Transgo shift kit and the Stratus final drive gear modifications.....(and additional tranny cooler, high stall torque converter).

**My question is, will installing the transgo shift kit/final drive gear LIKELY drop it into the 16s. Also auto 2.0s post your 1/4! Thanks!

99 GS auto
-Engine rebuild to stock
-High flow cat, 2.5 exhaust
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