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Topic subject2GNT Decals available RED ONLY
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20968, 2GNT Decals available RED ONLY
Posted by Star Turbo Talon, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
Anyone who made payment previously has been received and your stickers send out. Anyone who posted they wanted silver but failed to pay has lost their reservation. All Stickers are first come first serve basis.

Size are about 2" X 7"
colors: red, white, silver
Price: 6.50 each total

Here is what I have left:

Silver: None
Red: 15

No need to post here that your payment is made, I will reply to your paypal account.

Payment Instructions
I was able to get a deal since this is our first order so orders after this WILL BE MORE EXPENSIVE.

Price is 6.00 each sticker shipped. If your going to pay with paypal add .50 to each sticker. There are no deals for multiple items shipped unless you want to buy 50 stickers!

Paypal price 6.50 each

Pay by Mail is 6.00 each

Payment instructions with Paypal

Paypal address is: terrence.godfrey@sbcglobal.net

6.50 for each sticker X the number of stickers you want.

In the comments portion you must put the following info:
Color of stickers
Number of stickers

Your Welcome guys

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